On the date of December 21, 2012 everyone was in anticipation of the world coming to an end. And as usual, the scientific community was wrong, however something monumental did occur that would alter the destiny of a planet and its people. A woman child was born with many powers that were formed in her DNA thousands of years before her arrival on planet Earth. In time she would come into possession of a rare staff that once belonged to the Egyptian Pharaoh God Akhenaten. This staff would give her the power of the Gods to rule or annihilate the planet. She would now be heir to the secrets of the Dogon people of the great Motherland of Afrika. They had possessed the knowledge for centuries. These secrets and the staff was passed down to them in hiding by the great West Afrikan King Mansa Musa. Upon discovering her true spirit and purpose, she went out into the world and gathered the souls who waited patiently for her to arrive to make the journey to the Mountains of the Moons before departing back to their original astral home in the Sirius Star System. Along the way, she coupled with her King, her reflection and other half to be by her side before her mission would begin. He was an orphan who was taken in as a small infant by a very powerful man who was the senior advisor to the President of the United States. Despite his indoctrination, he would defy authority to learn the esoteric knowledge of the Dogon people to aide in her quest to bring forth peace to countless years of existance from death, destruction and turmoil the world over... this is their epic journey, the epic of Kemetstry...

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